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What is Wada’s Rice Bread?

Wada’s Rice Bread is a brand-new vegan gluten free delicious bread made with 100% rice flour free from 28 common allergens and artificial food additives developed by Naturalfood Co. Ltd. after 7 years of research and design with the Japanese National Agriculture and Food Research Organization

(Patent No. 6584185). 


The Ingredients of Wada’s Rice Bread

The ingredients of Wada’s Rice Bread are rice flour, beet sugar, yeast, vegetable oil, salt and malted rice. 

The bread is free from common allergens such as eggs, dairy, flour and artificial food additives such as preservativs, emulsifiers, coloring and thickeners. We only use the natural food to ensure everyone can enjoy Wada's Rice Bread.


   Our Concept


We strive to develop a new kind of rice flour bread that

can allow adults and children with food allergies to enjoy without worry.

to produce a tastier and healthier rice flour bread ,we began our research in 2011

 After 7 years and having experimented with thousands of different combinations of ingredients

we made the ultimate bread that will make people around the world smile Wada's Rice Bread

In order to bring this bread to everyone easily, we started our very own online store.

Please have a try and I am sure you will be amazed .

online store(only sale in japan)







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