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The Motivation of the Research

On a special day in 2011, when we promoted our rice flour bread

(include gluten)in a department store, a stewardess who lives in

America stopped at our counter and asked

“does the rice flour bread contains no gluten?”

At that moment, we knew that what is the most crucial part

in the research of 100% rice flour bread.



That stewardess’s family members are allergic to gluten.

According to her, there are lots of people suffering from wheat allergy

although the gluten-free bread is popular in America

most of them are not delicious enough.

Hence, she hoped that we can develop a kind of delicious

rice flour bread that without any wheat flour.

After talked with that stewardess, we began to develop

a totally new rice flour bread which can be eaten by

children and the people who have gluten allergy or

prefer the food with no artificial food additives.


The Process of the Research

The most difficult thing we faced during the process was

how to make the bread rises without any gluten.

Most of the gluten-free rice flour bread in the market are

made from allergic material such as soy flour or

food additive like thickener and expansive agent.

However, we attempt to develop a new kind of rice flour bread that

are free from any allergens or food additive.

In order to make the dream come true

we break the normal procedure, work with all heart and soul.


In order to develop the rice flour bread without gluten or

artificial food additives like thickener and expansive agent

our researcher Mr.Ino who has a vast experience of Japanese sweets

does the experiments day by day, finally he succeeded in 2018. 


Have a try, and you will be moved by the amazing taste.

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